Why mythology and autism?

Why mythology and autism?

The idea for this project started to take shape at a meeting in 2008 with a special needs teacher, who mentioned that, in her experience and those of her colleagues, autistic children often enjoy classical myth. I began to wonder why this might be the case, and whether – as a classicist who researches, and loves, classical myth – there was anything I could contribute. I started this blog to report on my progress which was often sporadic until the launch of the Warsaw-based European Research Council-funded project Our Mythical Childhood (2016-21) to trace the role of classics in children’s culture. My key contribution to the project is an exploration of classics in autistic children’s culture, above all by producing myth-themed activities for autistic children. This blog shares my progress, often along Herculean paths.

March-April 2020

Here is what I am planning to do over several postings this Spring – to straddle Autism Awareness Week in early April. Lately, I have been overhauling my chapter for Mythical Hope, the first of the books from the ERC-funded Our Mythical Childhood project. It was presenting Hope-themed material in the autumn of 2019 that got me to look in new ways at what I had previously written. Here I put my project again under an aegis of Hope, and I’d welcome feedback!

Friday, 27 April 2018

HOMEWORK! For: 'At every crossroads' - Introducing a Hercules themed resource pack for use with autistic children

In a few weeks’ time, I shall be heading to Warsaw for a programme of workshops, beginning on 14 May, in connection with the project Our Mythical Childhood. Along with the other speakers, I have been given the opportunity to set pre-event readings and tasks. What I have decided to do is to so set some homework!
Here are the tasks I have set. All are welcome to take part, irrespective of whether you’ll be gathering in Warsaw!

Homework J

I have decided to respond as follows to the option of setting homework ahead of our gatherings in Warsaw.
In preparation for my session – which will take place on the Wednesday – I would like to invite you to read the blog that I write on my work for the ‘autism’ wing of our project: https://myth-autism.blogspot.co.uk/
In particular, I would suggest that you read the postings that I put up during February 2018. These present the activities that I have drafted concerning the Choice of Hercules. The specific links are below.
As optional extra homework, I would like to invite you to join an Academia Session that I set up recently for discussion of the blog and in particular of the Choice of Hercules activities. If you’d like to make any comments here, I would be honoured. Those of you who have already joined the Session (thank you so much) have already completed this part of the homework! The link is: https://www.academia.edu/s/9ee0ea5a76/autism-and-classical-mythology-introducing…-a-set-of-activities-for-use-with-autistic-children-on-the-theme-of-the-choice-of-hercules?source=link

The Choice of Hercules Activities

Preliminary Activity: Choice of Hercules











Susan Deacy, 26.04.18





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